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When a need arise to secure your valuables, how do you know what safe is right for you? how do you choose from the wide variety available? and what? We will be happy to share our vast experience and knowledge to design the best safe to fit your needs.

Home Safes

Whether its to protect your jewelry, rare coins, documents, some cash or even to secure a gun, ask us about wall and floor safes, key and portable, fireproof safes and more. Call us for a free consultation on your family safe and security needs.  24 hour emergency service on residential safes available.

Business Safes

Get your peace of mind! Ask us about our best selling safes for cash management to secure and manage restaurants and retail establishments, or about our office safe to store your office valuables.  A to Z Lock and Key Locksmith provide a ready solution for your business safe security needs . 24 hour emergency service on Businesses safes available.

Commercial Safes

We also service heavy duty commercial safes and vaults associated with banks and other institutions. Big or small, A to Z Lock and Key Locksmith can handle all your commercial safe and vault service needs. 24 hour emergency service on commercial safes available.


What’s Your Safe Options?

  • Quality and Durability
  • Burglary Rating – Explanation
  • Fire Rating – Explanation
  • Register Safe
  • Drop Safe
  • AMSEC Safe Catalog
  • AMSEC Safe Gun Catalog
  • AMSEC Cash Boxes/Key Cabinets/Electronic Security
  • AMSEC Floor Safes
  • AMSEC Vault Safes
  • AMSEC Safe Dialing Instructions
  • AMSEC Color Options
  • GARDALL Safe Catalog
  • GARDALL Dialing Instructions
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Download Latest Amsec Safe Catalogs

Amsec Safe catalog

Amsec Safes Product Catalog by A to Z Lock and Key Locksmith

amsec gun safe catalog

What Our happy clients Have to Say?

I have one of the Amsec BF safes and for HOME USE, regard them as a good safe from both a fire protection standpoint and break-in security.
The Amsec BF safe line has a very good quality, name brand (Sargent and Greenleaf) lock, heavy-duty hinges, a well-built door mechanism, and comes pre-drilled and with hardware to bolt it to the floor. The BF series is one of the best choices available for a home-use fire safe.

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    Why AMSEC?

    From our experience we have learned to design a safe for durability. Our engineering department spends thousands of hours each year to insure that Amsec designs will withstand the test of time. After designs are completed they undergo the industry’s most comprehensive testing program.

    In addition to our extensive in house testing, Amsec uses independent agencies such as Underwriters Laboratory to put our designs to the test. All electronic locks used on Amsec safes have been tested to the military standard, Mil 0202-Method 106 in our own environmental test chamber. During this test the lock is subjected to high fluctuations in temperature and humidity. In the electronics industry Mil 0202 is generally regarded as the best way of predicting the reliability of electronic systems.

    Each Amsec safe is manufactured to the tightest tolerances. We maintain the highest standards of fit and finish in the industry. This attention to quality combined with our extensive product testing insures the durability of Amsec products.Before the Amsec name is attached to each safe, the safe must undergo a rigid 28-point inspection. We take protecting our customers’ assets very seriously.

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    What Level of Protection is Right for You?

    Safes have been used for hundreds of years to protect valuables of all types. Today, most businesses and private residences depend on safes to protect their valuables.

    Buying a safe may seem confusing at first, but understanding what levels of protection are available is the first step in finding what safe is right for you.

    There are two general categories of safes: burglary safes and fire safes. We carry products which offers a wide selection of burglary, fire or burglary fire safes with different levels of protection to choose from. The rating or classification of a safe indicates the degree of protection that safe will provide its contents in the case attempted burglary or fire. Safes are classified using two different methods: Construction Ratings and Test Performance Ratings. Construction classification relates to burglar protection and is determined by the material specifications of the safe. To receive a performance rating, the safe must both be built to a construction specification and be independently tested by attempted break-in or fire to make sure it meets the standard.

    The best known independent burglary and fire testing agency is United Laboratories (UL). Intertek-ETL is also recognized as a highly reputable company that performs independent testing for fire resistance. Before buying a safe, research the products construction and performance standards and make sure that the safe you’re purchasing will adequately protect your possessions.

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