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Here are some of the residential and commercial questions we often hear.
Feel free to browse them and contact us at any time.
How do I choose a Locksmith / Security provider

There are a few criterions you should check before hiring a Locksmith company.

If you can validate these 4 criterions, most likely you are dealing with a reputable company.

Additionally, you should check for professional conduct when the technician arrives (i.e is the technician driving a commercial vehicle? is he wearing the company’s uniform? etc.) if you notice any sign of unprofessional conduct you should re-think if you really want work with that company.

Why is your trip charge higher then then company I use?

Different companies have different operating expenses, different payroll costs and different levels of service. Our mobile units are fully stocked and equipped to handle nearly every security need you may have. Many smaller firms must first survey your problem, travel somewhere to get needed parts, and then return to your site – usually the next day.

Additionally, some of the other companies are not local (they may have local phone numbers, but they are based outside of California) as such, they may try to lure you to use them by offering low-price service calls.

I can buy a similar lock at the do-it-yourself center (Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Low's) for less than your charging me. How come your prices are higher?

Do-it-yourself centers have historically been able to buy in vast quantities and sell below- retail prices. The trade-off is the selection and service level. You can get a great price as long as you want the one they stock and don’t need any technical expertise to help you decide if the one they stock is the one you need. The popularity of “big-box” stores has caused the demise of many small retailers – hardware stores, stationary stores, and so on – leaving the consumer with less choice and lower service levels.
also keep in mind that our working vans are limited in space and on a daily base our hardware is different from the ones in the Do-it-yourself stores.

What’s your company policy on duplicating keys that say DO-NOT-DUPLICATE on them?

The “Do Not Duplicate” message has been compared to a “Keep off the Grass Sign”. Both announce the owner’s desire, but neither have much enforceability. Technically there is no prevention of duplicating those keys.we truly believe that if you are a business owner / operation manager and you would like to keep your keys restricted(to make sure you have key control) you would choose a restricted key system were there is no way to obtain copy’s. We do encouraging to upgrade your locks to high security / restricted key system.Of course, the words “Do Not Duplicate” can be ground off, covered up with tape, obscured by a label, etc – many DND keys have been copied unknowingly by an unsuspecting hardware clerk. For real protection against unauthorized key duplication, ask us about the High-Security lock systems available.

Can you service my other locations that are out of the Orange County area?

Yes! Our trucks cover most of the Southern California/Los Angeles/ Riverside/ Ontario / Redlands / San Diego area’s on a daily basis. Additionally, we have developed a network of qualified service providers who can handle service calls anywhere in California and, in fact, in many other states as well. You simply call us and we do the rest.

What are your charges for an estimate or security survey of my business? Can I deduct it from the total bill / invoice?

In most cases there is no charge for a estimate / survey. If your job is large or you require written specifications sheets, etc., there may be an hourly charge for preparing the bid / estimate. usually any such charges would be refunded if we are awarded the job.

I am looking for a new security provider! Can you refer me to companies that currently use your services?

We are proud to have many happy customers that will gladly explain you about the quality of our service. check our Testimonials page or Simply call our sales representative – we’ll match you up with a client in a similar industry with similar needs who will be happy to tell you about his satisfaction from our service.

Can you install a keyless entry system?

Yes! We offer vast variety of keyless entry systems to your home and business. Call us for a free consultation with at 949-900-9007 to determine if a key-less entry system is right for you.

Didn’t find your answer?  

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our knowledgeable locksmith professional are here to assist you.


I am moving into a new home, should I rekey the locks? They seem to be working properly.

YES! For your own security, it is very recommended to rekey your lock since you can never know who has a copy of your key. The previous residents must has someone that they trust with their house keys, neighbors, baby sitters, cleaning people and such. Can you trust them? Do you know who else has your keys?

Should I buy a high security lock, are they safer?

Yes! High security locks are better constructed; they are not compromised by bumping, drilling and/or picking.  Over 80% of break-ins happen through the front door. Your lock and key cylinders are your first line of defense! Click here for more information about High security.

Can you cut keys for different types of locks on site?

Yes! We can cut keys for all the locks that we supply and fit on site. Call us at 949-900-9007 to for more details.

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